Welcome to our coaching community, where we help first-generation daughters of immigrants live a life by design, gain confidence, and become the best version of themselves. Through self-mastery and coaching, we give you the tools to create a life, career, or business you love with confidence and a killer mindset.


Your journey starts with Heal & Elevate, a six-week transformative and immersive online coaching experience. A support framework provided by Audrey & Sabrina that allows you to rediscover yourself and what you want to create. 

You’ve checked all the boxes, and life should not feel this hard, and you should not live disillusioned. We know what it takes to create a mindset that will help you leap forward, heal from shame, and reimagine your life no matter the circumstances. You have your career, a family, and your hopes and dreams, and sometimes it feels like you can’t do any of them well, but you’re not alone.

We want to dare you to live on your terms because if you have the courage to tap into your vision, it produces a life you love. You will have the confidence, mindset, vision, and heart set that expands you in ways you could never even imagine possible for yourself!

Through the community, you will start a personal growth plan that will help you transform and allow you to create a mindset that can withstand anything that comes up in life. Self-mastery is taking control of your life and allowing yourself to develop the thoughts, habits, and behaviors you need to acquire to live a fulfilled life no matter what.  


  • Ready to rediscover yourself
  • You are ready for change. 
  • You want to belong to a community that supports you and is ready to build new friendships.
  • Wake up gasping for more and frustrated because you don't know where to start.
  • Go to bed tired, wondering if this is all your life will ever be.
  • Look at other women and wonder how they do it while you’re stretched thin.
  • You're accomplished and feel like you should be grateful, but you've lost yourself in your family, kids, career, or business and feel guilty even admitting to anyone that you think something isn’t right.

What if you could be a completely different woman over the next year? 

We will be in a private community with like-minded women, all pursuing a joyful life, supporting each other on a journey like no other to catapult your growth.

Every month we will dive into a different topic to help you go beyond the surface goals. 

We will help you shift your perspective, embrace the sucky parts of life, and still feel like you are gaining momentum instead of being stuck and alone.

Shine the light on your journey. 

For the next 12 months, we will walk you through the three pillars of creating a joyful life you love with confidence—an opportunity to be coached by Audrey & Sabrina + special guests.  

With group coaching, a framework, confidence, mindset, and faith coursework, our promise is to support and stretch you toward your deepest desires and dreams so you can live a fulfilled life. 

Joining includes:

  • Kick-off with a six-week transformative Heal & Elevate coaching program.
  • Two monthly group coaching calls with Audrey Diaz and Sabrina Castillo - 60 Min each.
  • Join our free private community to stay connected and receive additional support
  • Surprise bonus speakers
  • Access to Find Your Purpose with Confidence Course by Audrey Diaz 
  • Text accountability 
  • Exclusive virtual masterclasses