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The Self-Mastery Collective - A personal growth community for Latinas

Your vision is how you can consciously create a life by design. 

The Self-Mastery Collective is a personal growth community to hold space for you to rediscover yourself, shift your perspective, embark on a personal growth journey, and help you consciously create a life by design that you love. 

We believe a growth mindset is a way of life, and the online community is designed to help us grow together over time. Growth and creating the life you love do not happen in a time frame; it occurs over time. Daily routines and shifts compound into a transformation. 

As a community, we promise to create a supportive and transformational journey for you to discover how to create a life you love consciously. We know firsthand that a transformation and personal growth plan doesn't happen overnight and that it is an ongoing journey. There are always new levels to our personal work. 

What to expect:

  • Begin a personal growth journey 
  • To discover what serves you and what does not
  • Undeniable self-trust 
  • Unleash your purpose 
  • Gain clarity 
  • Conquer limiting beliefs 
  • Develop a strong mindset
  • Live by the design and a growth mindset
  • Have monthly support by Coaches Audrey and Sabrina

There's no such thing as a magic pill, and we will require each one of you to show up and do the work.

As daughters of immigrants, we understand the pressure we feel as women, not only with our kids but with our parents, on top of figuring out what we want to do with our lives and careers. And because of this, the community will host monthly curated community programs and coaching to help you go deep and do the work you need to create a life you love.

Every month we will dive into a topic to help you go beyond the surface goals. Audios and videos are available to help you navigate the hardest of times and best of times. 

We will help you shift your perspective, embrace the sucky parts of life, and still feel like you are thriving and happy.

It includes:

  • Kick-off with a six-week transformative Heal & Elevate coaching program.
  • Three monthly group coaching calls with Audrey Diaz and Sabrina Castillo - 60 Min each.
  • Recording of each call
  • Private community to stay connected and receive additional support
  • Surprise bonus speakers
  • Access to Find Your Purpose with Confidence Course by Audrey Diaz 
  • Text accountability 
  • Exclusive virtual masterclasses