The Dream Lab was created to meet you where you are and to help you unlock your full potential because we believe all women deserve to live a beautiful life.  

Audrey Diaz Robles

born and raised in New York by parents who had immigrated from The Dominican Republic, making her well aware of the legacy she was meant to carry out.  Her parents are entrepreneurs, who with hard work and sacrifice were able to raise their family and continue to have a thriving business that provides opportunities for many.

Not surprisingly, Audrey has also become an entrepreneur.  Today, Audrey is a mom of 3, who is known as a Confidence Booster, helping women around the country regain their confidence through fitness, business, mindset and faith.  Together with her partner, Sabrina Castillo, she has co-founded The Dream Lab, a personal development incubator for Latinas by Latinas.  Their goal is to build a community for women to feel empowered and create a vision for their lives through 1:1 coaching, group coaching, live sold-out events, as well as through their podcast, The Dream Lab Series Podcast.

Sabrina Castillo

proudly born in El Salvador. She is the co-founder & CEO of The Dream Lab, a coaching community & podcast to help women re-ignite their purpose and serves as the resident Life & Business Coach for the community. 

She is a mom of 2 and an entrepreneur with a family restaurant business. She specializes in helping women re-imagine a life and build a business that they love and creates space for them to dream bigger. With extensive experience in an individualized approach, she helps entrepreneurs obtain personal and professional goals without the hustle mentality and allows ambitious women to lead with confidence. 

As a certified John Maxwell leadership coach and speaker, I provide the support and resources to create a path for success. With over 18 years as a multicultural strategist, she uniquely combines marketing, strategy, and mindset. 

 In her past experience she has developed campaigns, strategies, and teams for marketing agencies, large city agencies, non-profits, celebrities,  and now in her own businesses. She leverages her diverse experience to help women by focusing on personal growth & leadership development for a long-lasting change that will impact the world.


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